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The Merrill District Library wishes to provide an environment that is inviting, pleasant, and safe for all patrons. Children are encouraged to use and enjoy library facilities and services. While the library seeks to maintain a safe and secure environment, it must be recognized that this is a public building.

All library patrons, including children, are expected to maintain appropriate behavior, keep noise within levels which do not interfere with the activities of others, avoid actions which could cause injuries, damage property, or offend others.

Responsibility for children using the library rests with the parent or assigned caregiver not the library staff. Children age six and under must be within visual contact of the accompanying responsible adult and may not be left in the children’s corner with out the adult present. An exception is made when children are attending a library program. Children older than 12 may use the library unattended for an amount of time appropriate to their age and maturity. A child or group of children who have been warned of disruptive behavior and/or excessive noise, and continue to exhibit the behavior will be asked to leave the facility.

If a child needs a ride from the library the Parents should make arrangements for their children to be picked up before the library closes.

Parents/Legal guardians are responsible for their children’s safety and behavior within the library or on library property and will be held responsible for damage to library property caused by their children.

The library appreciates parental cooperation in meeting these guidelines.