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Gift Policy

A gift to the Merrill District Library’s collections is a unique and enduring way to pay tribute to friends and family while giving a resource to the community for may to use and enjoy. Your can be assured your gift will have meaning and purpose for many years to come.

Books and other library materials provide a remembrance for any type of occasion. A favorite book can serve as a memorial to someone dear now gone, a recording of a lullaby can be given on a child’s birthday, a book of poems can mark an anniversary, or video on a newly found hobby can express hopes for a leisurely retirement.

A gift to the library can reflect the tastes or interests of the individual in whose honor the fit was given.

When you donate to the library, you may designate a particular title, subject area or type of material you would like purchased, or you may ask the library staff to use your contribution to purchase items when needed. A card will be sent to the honoree of to his/her family to let them know about your thoughtful gift. A receipt will be given to the donor as well. A book plate will be inscribed as you wish and placed on the time, letting the community share in the recognition of your loved one.

Books or other library materials purchased by the donor for presentation to the library will be gratefully accepted provided they meet the library’s selections policies and procedures. Gift bookplates will be affixed to those materials chosen or accepted by the librarian in order to satisfy a donor’s request. Gift items will be integrated into the regular library collection in normal sequence, available to all library patrons, and otherwise handled as any other material belonging to the library.

Donations of books or items will be accepted provided that, in the opinion of the professional staff, they enhance the value of the library’s collection. Materials which do not meet the library’s selection criteria will be disposed of at the discretion of the library. Books not added to the library’s collection may be sold at the Library’s book sale. All donations become the sole property of the library. The library may or may not put material in to collection based on their physical condition and usefulness to library patrons. The library is not obligated to keep donated material for any length of time.

The Library will accept:

Hard bound current novels
Information books
Musical materials
Children’s books
Paperback books
Biographies and autobiographies
Books of local interest
Media material: books on tape, videos, DVD’s audio tapes, CD-ROM, etc.

The Library will not accept:

Outdated informational books (e.g. tech, tax, medical, educational, legal, etc.)
Books that have been kept in storage and have mildewed.
Reader’s Digest condensed books
Outdated textbooks