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Code of Conduct

The Merrill District Library’s mission statement supports the entire community by providing information from print, media and electronic resources. In accordance with our mission statement we ask:

Library requests that all patrons:

-speak in soft voices
-throw trash in proper receptacles.
-when using headphones, set the volume so others cannot hear.
-wear a shirt, shoes and other proper attire.
-turn cell phone ringers off and hold conversations out side of the building.
-operate any radio, walkman, CD player, or any other personal device so that any other person can hear it.
-use one chair per person.
-Comply with the library’s internet and computer use policies.

We ask that all patrons refrain from:

-loitering or smoking in the library
-eating in the library
-rough housing in the library
-using roller blades, skate boards or roller skates in the library
-using profanity of other abusive language in the library
-damaging Library property

The Library reserves the right to;

-limit group size due to noise level
-inspect any bags or backpacks

We thank everyone for compliance.